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The body is an extraordinarily resilient structure.  It is designed to move and does so with such ease that we take the complexity of its movement control for granted.  When something goes awry we are reminded of the value of the asset of painfree fluid movement.   

Restoring your control of that function is our profession.


Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

We specialize in orthopaedic and manual therapy.  Orthopaedic physical therapy is a systematic analysis of the musculoskeletal system which relies on movement analysis, mechanical positioning, and manual testing to assess musculoskeletal abnormalities.  The assessment and treatment process are seemless and require the ongoing attention of both therapist and patient, because of this only therapists treat patients, there is no utilization of ancillary personelle.

In it's simplest terms, orthopaedic physical therapy should be about identifying movement abnormalities and correcting them.  At times, the abnormalities are about some part of the body not moving freely enough.  In these cases we determine the most effective way to restore full movement.  At other times, the difficulties are because of some parts of the body moving too much and you must determine how you can control and limit motion.

Control of movement in a coordinated fashion is dependent on healthy joint, muscle, neural and cardiovascular function.  Loss of optimum function occurs when any of the inter-dependent systems are damaged.  Damage occurs with accidental trauma, over use, under use, and just plain misfortune.  Our mission is to deliver state of the art assessment and intervention while simultaneously teaching you to self treat changeable dysfunction and manage ongoing pathology. 

Physical therapy uses no medications.  All treatments are movement oriented.  Manual therapy techniques are a passive or active interface between patient and therapist.  Exercise is specifically targeted to address movement control, shortened muscles, inactive muscles, postural abnormalities, joint restrictions, and excessive joint motion.  There is always an expectation of patient participation in the form of a home program. 

In short, our goal is to restore control of your body to you and teach you how to keep it functioning at it's optimal level. Intermittent normal motion of all muscles and joints is essential to maintaining their health.  We intend to get you back to the best health possible and keep you there.  If you are hampered by pain or loss of movement control, come and see if we can help you restore your independence in moving fluidly through life, it is what we do best.  Come and see if we can help you to be at your best.





Manual Therapy for:

Spinal dysfunction

-low back pain     -neck pain     -disc herniation     -radiculopathy     -sciatica     -post surgical rehabilitation     -failed spine surgery     -thoracic spine     -cervicogenic headaches

Extremity Joint dysfunction:

-hip pain     -knee sprain/strain     -shoulder pain     -rotator cuff     -ankle strain/sprain     -degenerative joint changes     -post operative rehabilitation     -total joint replacement  

Muscle dysfunction:  

-tears & strains     -tendonitis     -tendonopathy     -post surgical repair      -weakness 


Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction    -facial reconstruction  

Customed fitness programs protecting existing injuries

Balance disorders

Chronic headaches originating from the neck


Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

  Because you deserve the best that physical therapy has to offer.